Jennifer Klaber Moffett



Over a period of 18 months (from March 1998 to August 1999) as Acting Director I have established the Institute of Rehabilitation as a new and thriving department within the School of Medicine and the Faculty of Health. I now direct a highly motivated team of 7 researchers and R&D therapists most of whom I have recruited during this time.


I am currently directing two clinical trials in Hull and East Riding. One involved setting up a programme exercise classes for back pain patients based on previous research I carried out in Oxford and York (BMJ 1995 and 1999). These papers have resulted in considerable interest from both clinicians and researchers around the world. The exercise programme compared to the control group was demonstrated to be effective one year later. In the Hull trial which is conducted across 3 local NHS Trusts the exercise programme is compared directly with individual traditional physiotherapy. The exercise programme represents a subtle but important shift from traditional physiotherapy as it is based on cognitive behavioural principles. The physiotherapists who run these classes have been appropriately trained in this approach by myself and the team. .

A second trial funded by the Northern & Yorkshire NHS Executive has just been set up. It compares the effectiveness of a Brief physiotherapy Intervention based on a cognitive behavioural approach with a traditional physiotherapy approach. In both of these studies not only clinical outcomes are measured but also economic analysis is carried out. Patient preferences are also elicited as this could influence the outcome. Their preference however does not influence the randomisation procedure but is used in the analysis.


The education programme has been developed by myself and the R&D therapy team and consists of workshops, study days and conferences. 17 study days have been planned for 1999/2000 in consultation with local Therapy managers and the North and Easy Yorkshire Education Consortium who are now funding the programme. The longer term plan is to develop accredited modules which PAMs could in a flexible way use to further their individual Continuing Professional Development needs and gain a Master's Degree where appropriate.

Representatives from the R&D departments of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the College of Occupational Therapy have visited and remain in close contact. They are very enthusiastic about our aim to help therapists implement research findings.


Joint project with the Cancer Centre in Hull to provide a more consistent and co-ordinated service for cancer patients to include rehabilitation and improve quality of life. This will be developed further in the light of Professors Walker's recent appointment as Director. A shared learning programme is planned.


Back pain Exercise And Manipulation (UKBEAM) trial

I am a principal investigator and national clinical co-ordinator for the Medical Research Council UK-wide primary care trial: Following the successful running of the feasibility study in the North of England, we have set up the trial in 12 centres around the UK. The trial is run by a large team of researchers, based at the University of York under the Direction of Professor Ian Russell and the Dr Martin Underwood and Dr Madge Vickers at the University of London and myself as a visiting Research Fellow at the University of York. I have a special responsibility for overseeing the setting up and monitoring of the exercise programmes in each centre. The results of the study will have important policy implications for the provision of services for back pain, nationally.

Consultancy on Integrated Back Pain Service

I was invited to provide consultancy jointly with the York Health Economics Consortium, University of York to evaluate a King's Fund PACE project (1996-98). This aimed to provide an integrated back pain service in South Derbyshire. Part of the work included the setting up and analysis of a survey of 500 people to investigate public perceptions of back pain and its management. It also included running seminars to train GPs in South Derbyshire to implement the clinical guidelines.

External Reviewer for Canadian Institute for Work and Health

I was invited to act as External reviewer of reviews prepared for a Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Expert Panel. This was to assist the Canadian government in a project to review the effectiveness of current methods of managing musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain. They commissioned the work in order to provide a scientific overview to inform decisions related to Canadian government policies for national insurance procedures in Canada.

External Examiner for PhD students at University of Salford and University of Ulster.

Supervisor for Postgraduate students MPH and DPhil at University of Leeds and University of Hull.

Deputy Editor: Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. An international journal, edited from United States and Australia.

Editorial Board Member:

  • International Journal of Health & Rehabilitation.
  • Manual Therapy
  • Physical Therapy Reviews.

    Joint Therapies Research Group Co-opted as representative of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


    The International Forum for Primary Care Back Pain Research

    I was one of a small number of researchers from around the world to be invited to the 2nd forum in the Hague in 1997 where I gave 3 presentations. Last year I was on the UK organising committee for Forum 3 and will be participating in the Forum 4 in Israel next year.

    European Primary Prevention of Back Pain Group

    I am the only UK representative on this group who are very interested in patient education and primary prevention in schools and industry. I have been invited to Germany on 3 occasions to share research findings and discuss future proposals.

    Project on Assessment, Assessment Instruments and Classification in Musculoskeletal Pain

    I have been invited to participate in a research project based in Oslo to join with other researchers from Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Norway.