Jonathan Moffett


Independent Consultancy

  • 2001-02 COCONA - Design and demomstration of a system for the management of secure electronic contracts for Messier Dowty and Rolls-Royce, partners in EC Project on distributed aerospace design.
  • 1999-2000 European Dynamics S.A., Athens - Consultancy on EC Computer Security Policy.
  • 1991-93 COSINE Project (European Research network) Specification of action plans for computer security implementation in the network; selection of contractors; review of implementation.
  • 1991 United States Office of Naval Research Asia - Study visit to Japan to provide a report on Japanese progress on Computer Security.
  • 1989 Major Insurance Company - Consultant member of a team analysing corporate data to establish evidence of fraud.
  • 1988-89 Major Transport Utility Computer security specialist member of a risk analysis team; review of computer security of the whole organisation.
  • 1988 Multinational Consumer Goods Manufacturer design of security measures for communicating DEC VMS systems, following a major 'hacking' via international X.25 networks.
  • 1987-88 Major UK bank:
  • Design and production of a complete set of computer security standards for the bank's headquarters;
  • Security evaluation of proposed Office Automation project for the bank's executive offices.
  • 1987-90 Lectures and workshops External lecturer at the University of Antwerp on Computer Audit and Control course; public commercial workshops on Computer Control and Security Standards, and Office Automation and Personal Computer Security, in London; Computer Security Management Workshop for CEC Seminars AB, Stockholm.
  • Computer Systems Adviser in the Exxon Organisation 1978-86

    Appointed the first Computer Control and Security Adviser in Esso UK, and later took over the similar post in Esso Europe. Tasks and projects included:

  • Writing, introduction, implementation and review of Computer Control & Security Standards into Esso Europe. These were later used as the basis for Exxon's world-wide standards.
  • Implementing an Access Control System (ACF2) for the IBM MVS mainframe in Esso UK and consulting on its implementation at Esso mainframe sites in Oslo, Stavanger, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Hamburg, Paris and Rome.
  • Implementing a pilot application using dynamic signature verification for authentication of identities.
  • Telecommunications security, especially securing Exxon's systems against unauthorised dial-in access. Participated in the production of Exxon's Telecommunications Security Standards and coordinated their introduction in Europe.
  • From 1982, Computer and Communications System Adviser in Esso Europe. In addition to computer control and security, tasks and projects included:

  • Adviser for personal computing and office automation in Esso's European affiliates;
  • Membership of planning, procurement and implementation teams introducing personal computing and office automation into Esso Europe headquarters, with responsibility for control and security;
  • Training coordinator for Esso's European affiliates.
  • Systems Consultant in ICL Government Sales Dept 1973-78

  • 1976-78 Database and Teleprocessing Consultant on a Ministry of Defence classified project, working in a secure environment; application design, and interfacing between customer and ICL.
  • 1975-76 Software liaison officer between ICL and the Central Computer Agency; identification and negotiation of CCA's software needs on ICL systems.
  • 1973-75 Systems consultant on the Central Computer Facility project first customer 2900 computer with VME/B; negotiation, definition and implementation of benchmark tests.
  • Eastern Gas 1969-73

  • Programmer and Project Leader on Customer Accounting System.
  • Social Worker 1962-69

  • London Probation Service, Social Worker Training at Nottingham University, Hertfordshire Probation Service, Hertfordshire Social Services
  • Leo Computer Ltd 1961-62

  • Programmer.

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